This account was originally created as some romantic attempt to document my Inter-railing trip around Europe, with my partner of nearly 6 years. It was neglected, and its appropriate anonymity has basically given me a chance to use this as…my shit blog. I want to write everyday, and it seems appropriate to take over this. Because crossing the rails isn’t always about boarding that train, which I do at least 2-3 times a week. Sometimes, it’s about journeys inside yourself – almost more important than anything else.

But if you want some actual ‘about’, here’s me – a third-year law student, soon to graduate and make their way somewhere. I love music, reading, watching movies, walking on the beach (seriously) and drinking English breakfast tea (yes, I’m English, but I seriously wanted to specify that I wasn’t talking about green tea). I like The Wonder Years, Dickens, Indie dramas and…English Breakfast tea.